Karen Smith author

Karen Smith - author

Karen Smith is a first time author, achieving the success of her first publication in April 2015. Primarily a musician and artist, having a creative mind fuelled her desire to pen a book based on her own life.  

'The whole experience was inspiring and therapeutic', maintaining it was one of her most satisfying achievements and with no previous writing experience. Karen began writing around three years ago - An Ordinary Life was a project that developed slowly, and which stood still for a while before completion. With an excellent memory for detail, she collated a memoir from the various intracities, life experiences and events from childhood to being a grown woman. 

With the literary flame truly ignited, Karen has now completed her second novel 'Where Wild Flowers Grow' - Paranormal/General Fiction, unpublished to date.

Karen is currently in the very early stages of a third novel, 'Blacksheep' - keep checking back for updates.