a story obviously from the heart, that goes at a quick pace, despite the implication of the title .......

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.....really enjoyed it!  It wasn't a chore to get into at the beginning as I find with quite a few books and made good bedtime reading :) I hope that there is going to be another as I want to know what happened next ... and who's J!? 

Reader review (05/08/2015)


An interesting and honest memoir told with conviction and yearning for a more fulfilled life which I’m sure many women of today can identify with.  The author conveys hidden depths and a vision for the future. 

Reader review (12/08/2015) 


...I loved it - what a talented lady, and so much better for being based on her own life. "Anything can happen to any of us, if only we took the risk".  A delightful and compelling reminiscence, taking the reader through her own journey - that of a strong woman and restless young girl, sat on 'the big chair', swinging her legs whilst relating all that is and was important to her. The tales and recollections tumble over one another with humour, sadness, excitement, bravery, enthusiasm and the pain of heartbreak, yearning and loss - easy to relate to.  I can't wait for part two... and who is J?

Reader review (23/09/2015)