Where Wild Flowers Grow - Synopsis

Jess is a single parent living in Friar Ridge, Somerset with her seven year old son, estranged from her husband, born of her own failings. Her motherly instincts know no bounds despite being disorganised and chaotic. She has a heart of gold with an intrinsic desire to be ‘all things’, often to her own detriment.

The trials of life are challenging for both Jess and her son, Jonas, complicated by fatalism and a paranormal intrusion called Sam – the ghost of a young boy, unwittingly bestowed upon them following the discovery of a photograph in an old book. Jonas is a thoughtful, homely lad, but as an only child, longs for interaction with a playmate of his own age and therefore welcomes Sam into the family home, unaware that such trust was to prove to  be destructive.

Presented with ever-spiraling and sinister messages, Jess oscillated between her own reality state and that of another dimension, her protective nature compromised by a dark and mysterious realm, her humdrum life peppered with uncertainty. As the eerie specter prevails, she is pulled headlong into the unknown, where the torturous pain and anguish of the deceased reigns over her and her son. To solve an abhorrent crime, it would seem, is her only redemption and must embark on a journey to find Sam’s mother – the lady in the photograph. 

Under the protective wing of a psychic mother – a special ally with a natural, uncannily strong sensory perception of the unknown, Jess was guided by her empathic version and insightful wisdom. Jess’s inane stubbornness and lack of trust was blown apart by ‘the unexplainable’ - a spirit boy, full of torturous pain and anger. 

Friends and their connective traumas tore Jess away from the entity invading her home, but she felt misunderstood and unable to truly share her experiences, lost in the anxieties of others. 

Peter - Jess’s husband and father of Jonas, was driven from the family home as a consequence of Jess’s overwhelming, irrational thoughts following the death of her father, leaving her guilt-ridden and desperate to make amends despite the time passed. He was typical of most men, unable to stand his ground and chose instead to walk away without a fight. The situation came to a head when faced with the perceived adulterer supposedly responsible for the destruction of her marriage, exposing a painful truth that she had long since tried to reason away. 

His subsequent return, although a joyous event, unearthed new challenges aside from rebuilding their marriage, and nothing could prepare them for the storm of destruction that lay in wait, like a ticking time bomb. The psychological cry for justice was deafening as Jess thrived to make every piece fit.

Following a tumultuous journey which led to a very personal, heart wrenching conclusion, Jess was wiser, her mind open to what lies beyond her beating heart, and that death does not guarantee peace. Her inane scepticism drew her to Sam like a moth to a flame, to redeem him from pain. 

Sam’s perpetrator was finally locked away, his mother free from the mental strain of denial, though now living alone with her own cross to bear. 

To see only what we believe is real is to deny the tortured souls who unwittingly float among us, crying in the shadows. To exist beyond death is unfortunate, but to deny this is fateful.