Where Wild Flowers Grow - Synopsis

Jess is a single parent living in suburbia with her seven year old son, estranged from her husband, born of her own failings. Her motherly instincts know no bounds despite being disorganized and chaotic. The trials of life are challenging for both Jess and Jonas, complicated by fatalism and paranormal intrusion called Sam – the ghost of a young boy, unwittingly bestowed upon them. A devout scepticism was no defence against the incessant and abounding forces that were about to envelope the family home. 

Presented with ever-spiralling and sinister messages, Jess oscillated between her own reality state and that of another dimension, her protective nature compromised by a dark and mysterious realm. As evil prevails, Jess is forced to solve an abhorrent crime and is pulled headlong into the unknown, where the torturous pain and anguish of the deceased reigns over her. To find the answer is indeed, her only redemption. 

 Under the protective wing of a psychic mother and ally, Jess was guided by her empathic version and sensory perception. As she grew closer to the truth, Jess was gripped mentally and physically, while trying to protect those around her from the beast it had become. 

 The return of Peter - Jess’s husband and father of Jonas, brought new challenges, deepening her desire to find solutions and move on. Nothing could prepare her for the storm of destruction that lie ahead, like a time bomb ticking as she thrives to make every piece fit, weathering the twists and turns along the way. 

Jess’s quest was imperative – a journey which led to a very personal, heart wrenching conclusion and every mother’s nightmare. To not believe what you see with your own eyes is to deny all other dimensions. Keep an open mind, as there always another way and it will find you.